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Thank you for your interest in PW Education. Holistic community health was, is, and will always be my passion. One of my greatest desires is to see our Virgin Islands community strive and its members healthy and happy. PW Education is one of the initiatives I've started, under my company Perfect Will, LLC., to increase adult skillsets and combat a major issue within our community: poor student academic performance.


For years, we have seen a decline in our students' academic performance. Much of this is due to needed educational redesigns, lack of parental involvement, fractured home environments, and more. However, I believe with a personalized, robust curriculum that is geared at incorporating parental involvement and meeting students at their level, PW Education can make a difference in our community. 

I have partnered with other individuals who are passionate about community advancement and willing to go the distance to make an impact in the Virgin Islands' community. To our team, education is not limited only the academic field. We wish to see an increase in morality, technical skills, parenting skills, and more. Our backgrounds vary and include years of professional experience in the following industries:

  1. Financial Services

  2. Grant Writing

  3. Homelessness

  4. Human Services & Foster Care

  5. Religion & Spirituality

  6. Research

  7. Parenting & Family support

  8. Primary, secondary, and post-secondary education

  9. Technology


PW Education has experienced teachers, trainers, and workshop conductors available to work with children, youth, and adults. We are growing and working hard to provide the community with needed services. Follow us to keep up-to-date on new services as they launch. To learn more about our team, click here.


Call or email us today to see how we can assist you.

Nisha N. Clavier, MAE
Founder & CEO

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